Prior to starting Black Connections, I had a pro black page and I was very vocal on that page. Mr. Dale from was a follower of mine. He reached out to me, said that he loved my passion for our community and asked me if I wouldn’t mind working with him on his social media accounts. I agreed, and started working with him on his social media accounts. After about 4 months, he encouraged me to start my own business. He said, “Sandy, you’re very good at what you do and people listen to you, and respect you. You could be an influencer in our community,” long story short I took his advice. I put my passion for the black community to work, and I started Black Connections, LLC. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Dale for encouraging me and pushing me to step out of my comfort zone and start Black Connections, LLC. I enjoy being a colleague of Mr. Dale, but the friendship that we have built is wonderful.