Minor Production purchased a promo from me, so I knew of them prior. I’d been dealing with another black owned website business that was putting me through a lot, mainly overcharging me. It went on for months. Eventually, I reached out to Minor Production just to ask them a question, and Moses was more than happy to answer, no hesitation. The more questions I asked and the more we spoke, I realized this is who I needed working on my web page. He was so eager to help, so supportive, knew what he was talking about and was genuinely concerned about all that I’d been through with the other company. He let me know that if I decided I wanted to go with another company that he was more than willing to help. He knew other people that he could recommend. We’d already built a business relationship with the promotions, so for him to do Black Connections web page was an easy decision. We have been working together nonstop, and he produced more in a week than the other company did in 4 months. Moses is so motivated to help his clients. I’m super pleased with the fantastic business relationship that we have built, but I’m most excited with the friendship that we’ve built.