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The Black Author Virtual Expo known as "Black Connections" is hereby presented

Kindly be informed that our Virtual Expos do not substitute our face-to-face Expos, but rather complement them. As part of our global outreach initiative, we have launched Black Connections Black Author Virtual Expos to enable businesses from afar to participate in our events seamlessly. We are pleased to announce that the Black Authors Virtual Expo will hold on the 4th Saturday of every month at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time.

It is with great pleasure that Black Connections presents a remarkable group of black authors. Additionally, we are thrilled to host a raffle featuring an impressive array of products generously provided by participating businesses. We invite you to join us for a brief or extended period of time as we showcase the works of exceptional black authors and explore innovative ways to invest in our community.

Why Participate in our Black Author Virtual Expo?

  1. Your virtual booth will remain accessible at all times.
  2. No need to set up or dismantle your physical booth.
  3. Eliminate the need for physical presence, saving you time, gas money, and other expenses.
  4. No more weather-related disruptions or delays.
  5. Enhance brand visibility.
  6. Foster trust amongst brand followers.
  7. Develop loyal brand advocates.
  8. Generate new leads for product and service sales.
  9. Increase overall revenue.
  10. Connect with fellow author, expanding your network.

Social media presents a world of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to optimize their earning potential.


Our Black Author Virtual Expo Webpage hosts an extensive range of sponsors, vendors and entertainment websites, offering a unique and personalized experience. The webpage will be accessible for you to discover and engage with the vendors during the entire expo. Additionally, we have enriched the event with amazing guest speakers, performers, and raffles throughout the day. The black business virtual expo is an exhilarating opportunity for participants to enjoy a fun-filled day from their home’s comfort.


We are pleased to introduce exceptional black authors through Black Connections and thrilled to give away remarkable products from these businesses through a raffle. We invite you to join us in highlighting outstanding black-owned enterprises and discovering ways to sustain our black economy.

For one dollar per ticket, you can participate in the raffle. Kindly make the payment through Cashapp at $blackconnections and provide your Instagram handle for easy identification purposes.

We have all our sponsors, vendors, and entertainment websites for you to check out right here! Our Virtual Expo Webpage will be live for you to shop with our vendors until the end of the expo. We will be going live on April 23rd on Instagram from 1 pm to 5 pm. We will be having performers, guest speakers, and raffles throughout the day. It will be a fun-filled day online from the comfort of your own home.

Previous Vendors

As an esteemed previous vendor, you can benefit from our referral program by introducing a prospective vendor to us. Upon their purchase of a vendor package, you will receive a 50% code towards your next placement in our upcoming expo. Do ensure that they mention your name while filling up the referral slot to avail of this offer.


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