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How do I join Black Connections LLC?

  • Click Join BCLLC in the navigation menu
  • Select the membership level you prefer.
    In order to submit a business to the directory tou need to select one of the paid accounts.
  • Once submitted, the account will be reviewed and approved within a hour.
  • Be sure if selecting a paid account to complete the payment process. The account will not be activated until it is complete.
  • Once approved, you are now ready to submit your business to the directory

How do I submit my business to the Black Connections Directory?

  • Sign into your account.
  • Either on the Account page or Directory page, you will see Submit Your Business
  • Fill in all the necessary fields. The more information you can provide about your business the better.
  • Few tips:
    • Be sure to select the correct Timezone
    • If entering business hours, select the day of the week and leave it as Enter hours. Select your business hours then click Add more to complete the next day.
    • Select up to 3 categories. Use Tags to describe other features and services that your business offers
  • Submit your business to be reviewed.
  • Once reviewed, your business will be added to the directory
  • You can edit your business anytime by going to your account page

How long will my post stay up?

Your post will stay up permanently we don’t take posts down once they are posted.

Do you give out personal information when we fill out your form?

No! We only share your business name and your social media pages for your business.

How soon after I pay for my post will it be posted?

Your post will be posted within the next 24hrs.

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