My story is one of a single mother of four children, who has witnessed our community being gun downed in the streets by the police. I knew I wanted to do something for our community, so I started protesting on social media and started a pro black page on IG. A gentleman by the name of Mr. Dale Dowdie, the CEO of Black Facts, reached out to me. He said he loved my passion for our community, and wanted me to work on his social media pages promoting black facts. I started working for him February 2018, and while working with him, he suggested I start my own business. That business would be influencing our community to support other black owned businesses, since I was so passionate about that particular subject. I finally decided to setup a page on IG called Black Connections, which would support Black businesses only. I wanted our community to have a platform just for us. The reason why I wanted us to have our own platform is because I felt that we needed a place just for just black people, black business owners, black organizations, black events could come together and support us. We need a platform solely for our communities, so we can unite within the community and support black owned businesses; so that we can keep our money and our community. We need to keep our money in our community because we need to build up our community. By keeping the money in our community, we level the playing field and we are seen as equal to all the other communities out there. By us building more black owned businesses, we open up more jobs for our community. By us supporting each other’s businesses, we can cut down on gun violence and poverty within our community. By us keeping our money in our community, we can turn our small businesses into major corporations, thus creating more employment opportunities for our people in our communities. By us supporting each other, we can buy the lower income housing, renovate, and put affordable housing for our community. We are the change our community needs, and it starts with recycling our money in our community. The time is now for us to support each other and build up our community.