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Michelle Millett
CEO - Diamonds and Dutch Pet Bath & Spa

My name’s Michelle and I’m a new business owner of a self-service pet spa named Diamonds and Dutch Pet Bath & Spa. Ms. Sandra and her team have came out to my location on several occasions and supported not only by bringing her pets to get bathed but also to do a live coverage inside my business. Because of her and Black Connections I have had people from not only all over the US but also the UK reach out and support my business as well! Not only has she supported my business but she’s has also supported some of my neighbors around the Brookland Park area. Thank you Ms. Sandra and Black Connections, for supporting not only local business but shinning a light on minority business throughout the Richmond area .

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Quasha Spears
CEO - Quay's Creations

Ms. Sandra is a woman who has fought battles behind close doors while she has been using her voice and page to fight for our people. She may get threats but she has a heart of gold. When she first started her journey it may was scary because it was new; however she planted her feet on the ground with her ancestors behind her. She speaks for those who may not understand how this world operators, but she pours into her people night and day. Sometimes her own people fight against how she supports us, But nothing will stop her movement. She may look like she is one person but the power behind her has shown that she was never alone on her journey. I love what she does and how she continues to show how we can come together to build and network.

jacci (Demo)
Jacqueline Philpot
CEO - AllAboutCredit, LLC
CEO - Alegacy Foundation Agency

I would like to thank Ms. Sandra at Black Connections for helping my business thrive! She has helped my business page gain 1200+ followers and increase my revenue. When down to earth and business savvy meets, you’ll find Ms. Sandra! You won’t regret conducting business with her.

gigi (Demo)
Gigi Michel
CEO - Gigigoutique

Black Connections is amazing, very affordable. I’ve gain a lot of followers who became customers by just having my business promote on Black Connections. Black Connections is owned and operated by a very humble Black Woman.

shy (Demo)
Shy Santiago
CEO - Learning A Language 4 Fun, LLC

This is the only platform I will EVER pay for!! Black Connections has got the best prices to help your business grow!!!!! I gained 1500 followers and interviews and still growing and gained a new friend❤❤️ Am I my sisters keeper YES I AM!!! She is awesome and she keeps her word and keeps it professional at all times I highly recommend her!!!

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Deborah Jenkins
CEO - The Sable Collective LLC

I began my professional relationship with Black Connections,  LLC in late March 2019, by purchasing their IG growth services. My business IG page was in the teens and within 7 days it had grown to nearly 100.  I am now just below 1K. These are true followers who are extremely engaging. This has been a fruitful investment and I highly recommend it to any business owner.

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