Black Connections Magazine – October Issue

Black Connections Magazine – October Issue



Black Connections is changing the narrative. I wanted to have a magazine that is all about our businesses, non-profits, organizations, events, etc.

I started my own business influencing our community to support each other. Because of this I decided to setup an Instagram page called Black Connections, which would support black businesses only. I wanted our community to have a platform just for us. The reason why I wanted us to have our own platform is because I felt that we needed a place just for just black people, black business owners, black organizations and black events so that we could come together and support one another. This platform was designed solely for the black dollar so that we can unite the community and support black owned businesses to keep our money within our community. By us building more black owned businesses and investing in each other we can turn our small businesses into major corporations, thus creating more employment opportunities for the people in our community.

When we support each other’s businesses we are unstoppable; we can cut down on gun violence and poverty and we can buy lower income housing, renovate and create affordable housing for our community. We are the change our community needs and it starts with the recycling of the black dollar with black owned businesses. The time is now for us to support each other and level the playing field.

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